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"The Maine Harvest Festival scholarship is a wonderful way to celebrate culinary student success and the great food producers in the state. The scholarship provides critical resources for an EMCC student to complete their program and transition into the workplace. We so appreciate the

Maine Harvest Festival's recognition and support of our culinary students skills and aspirations."


President Lisa Larson, EMCC 

2019 Scholarship Recipient

Hannah "Beth" Moody

Hannah, A.K.A Beth, Moody is kind, loving person. Beth devotes time to feeding the homeless and helping others.  She loves God, Family, Friends, art and good food! She has a passion for eating well and preparing unique cuisine. Her desire to learn more about proper cooking techniques and food science lead her to enroll in the Culinary Arts program at Eastern Maine Community College.  She has loved all the training and support she has received from Chef Demers and others while attending College. One of her favorite things to do is plating. As she says, "I like the food to look as good as it tastes!"

Hannah Beth Moody.png

About the EMCC Scholarship

The Maine Harvest Festival Scholarship was created to recognize, directly impact and celebrate the continuance of Maine’s long history of Agriculture. 


The festival’s scholarship is intended to highlight and assist the interests of students who are planning to reside in the State of Maine after graduation and who wish to explore Maine’s unique agricultural offerings with a concentration in the field of nutrition. 


The scholarship will provide support to an EMCC student who meets the criteria below:


  • Students studying at EMCC Program demonstrating financial need.

  • Students who are in good academic standing.

  • Students must demonstrate a passion for healthy lifestyle and a field of study based on their interest in Maine agriculture and nutrition. 

  • Special consideration will be given to students who have participated in 4-H programs with a concentration in agriculture and nutrition.

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