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Security Policy - 

  • All guests are subject to search prior to entering the Cross Insurance Center

  • The Cross Insurance Center uses metal detectors for all events

  • Staff will visually conduct bag and metal detection inspections to identify prohibited items to ensure the safety of all patrons

  • Guests will be subject to a secondary screening if alarm sounds going through the metal detectors (this may slow entry into the venue)

  • Any guest who declines to be searched, or is in possession of prohibited items, may be denied entry to the Cross Insurance Center

Media Policy - 

  • All media requests for events must be approved by the Cross Insurance Center (CIC) in advance of the event.

  • If media has been approved by another party/organization for an event held at the CIC, coverage will still need to be approved by venue management.* 

  • All media personnel that will be in attendance need to be listed and confirmed by the CIC prior to the event.

  • Any additional equipment needs must also be filed with the Cross Insurance Center with at least 48 hours notice of prior to the event.

  • Appropriate identification must be worn at all times while at the CIC when covering the event.

  • Approved CIC Identification Badges are available to pick-up at the Will Call window (listed under name of media member) for the event or at the Administrative Offices located in the Hammond Lumber Company Lobby.  Badges are expected to be returned to the Administrative Offices after event.

  • All visitors are expected to adhere to the Security Policy set in place by the Cross Insurance Center.

  • Any questions or information pertaining to the CIC should be directed to venue management.

  • Failure to adhere to any or all of the information listed above may result in not being allowed admittance to the venue and having credentials revoked.

  • For any questions, concerns, or to coordinate a media appearance at the Cross Insurance Center, please contact Brad LaBree, Director of Sales and Marketing.

*Credentials issued for Maine Basketball will be recognized as valid credentials for media working at the CIC during Maine Athletics only. Additional credentials will not be needed for event. Credential is only valid for Maine Athletics events at the CIC.



The Cross Insurance Center reserves the right to change or alter these policies at any time.

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