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2024 Festival Floor Plan

CORNER A1 - Wandering Goat Soap
A2 - Wandering Goat Soap 
A3 - Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchant
A4 - Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants
A5 – Hillary Manson Art
A6 – Pickle’s Potion
A7 – The Scone Goddess
A8 – Pieces of Maine Jewelry
A9 – Mainely Coffee
A10 – Mainely Coffee
A11 –Ellen Sedgwick Pottery
CORNER A12 – Pineland Farms Dairy Company
CORNER A13 – Waterbear Arts
A14 – Sew Fetch Dog Co
A15 – Boyd Brook Farming Inc
A16 – Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm
A17 – Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm
A18 – Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm
CORNER A19 – Maine Shellware
CORNER A20 – GF Moore Puzzle Boxes
A21 – New England Cupboard
A22 – New England Cupboard
CORNER A23 – Renewal by Andersen
CORNER A24 – Box of Maine
A25 – Springdale Farm and Creamery
A26 – Springdale Farm and Creamery
A27 - Treworgy’s Family Orchards
A28 - Treworgy’s Family Orchards
A29 – Georges Road Farm
CORNER A30 – Maine Shellware
CORNER A31 – Tempest in a Teapot
A32 – Torrey’s Muffins and Cookies
A33 – OPEN
CORNER A34 - Renewal by Andersen    
A35 – OPEN
A36 – Sunshine Apothecary
A37 - Sunshine Apothecary
A38 – Cedar Breeze Woodworking
A39 – Josh Pond
A40 - OPEN
A41 - High Tail Toys
A42 - High Tail Toys
CORNER A43 - Coffee Hound Coffee Company (central)
A44 – The GF Kitchen
A45 – Nautical Farms


C1 - Wilbur's of Maine Chocolate Confections 
C2 – Raven’s Nest
C3 – Hidden Trail Candle Co
C4 – Winterberry Farm Stand
C5 – Ash Hill View Deer Farm
C6 - Wind - Traditional Marital Arts
C7 - Elysium
C8 - Colvard
C9 –Colvard
C10 - Tempest Chocolate
C11 - Sister’s Soap
C12 - Grey Goose Gourmet
C13 - Grey Goose Gourmet 

A46 – Crafted Downeast
A47 – Crafted Downeast
A48 – Creamy Acres Creamery
A49 – OPEN
A50 - Kittylamb
A51 – The Modern Herbalist
CORNER A52 – Penobscot County Beekeepers Association
CORNER A53 – Sunflower N Ewe Farm
A54 - Moose Creek
A55 - Olde Haven Farm
A56 – Olde Haven Farm
A57 – Maidenhair & Moss Soap Co
A58 - Kinney’s Sugarhouse
CORNER A59 – Kinney’s Sugarhouse
CORNER A60 – Wicked Good Dog
A61 – OPEN
A62 – HB Creative
CORNER A63 – F-Bomb Mom 
CORNER A64 - Maine Grains
A65 – OPEN
A66 – Bloomside Botanicals
A67 –Mainely Scents
A68 – Pen & Cob Farm
A69 –ME Water Buffalo Co
CORNER A70 - Todd's Salsa
CORNER A71 – Honey Wilde Farm
A72 – OPEN
A73 – Ledgeway Farm
CORNER A74 – All About The Honey
CORNER A75 – Forever Boards New England
A76 - ME Author’s Publishing 
A77 – Sweet Monkey Business
A78 – Graze
A79 - Saison du Nord 
A80 – Longview Estate Worm Farm
A81 – OPEN
A82 – Maine Gravy
A83 – No Repeats Fiberworks
A84 – No Repeats Fiberworks
A85 - OPEN
CORNER A86 – Ancestral French Soaps

*Subject to change without notice.
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